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Advocating for Epilepsy

by on August 24, 2012

The European Advocates for Epilepsy is a group of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) dedicated to improving awareness for epilepsy at EU level.

There are currently 30 MEPs who are members of this group but more members are always welcome. The European Joint Task Force on Epilepsy would like to invite interested persons to urge their local MEPs to join the group.

The current list of European Advocates is made up of the following members:

President Mitchell, Gay Ireland, EPP
Vice President Casa, David Malta, EPP
Vice President Gallagher, Pat the Cope Ireland, ALDE
Vice President Werthmann, Angelika Austria, NI
Vice President Skinner, Peter UK, S&D
Vice President Deva, Nirj UK, ECR

Ordinary Members

Arsenis, Kriton Greece, S&D
Childers, Nessa Ireland, S&D
Costello, Emer Ireland, S&D
Dodds, Diane UK
Engel, Frank Luxembourg, EPP
Harkin, Marian Ireland, ALDE
Griesbeck, Nathalie France, ALDE
Gyurk, Andras Hungary, EPP
Kaczmarek, Filip Poland, EPP
Kirilov, Evgeni Bulgaria, S&D
McGuinness, Mairead Ireland, EPP
Millan Mon, Francisco Spain, EPP
Mikolasik, Miroslav Slovakia, EPP
Ouzky, Miroslav Czech Republic, ECR
Pietikainen, Sirpa Finland, EPP
Poc, Pavel Czech Rep, S&D
Roithova, Zuzana Czech Republic, EPP
Scotta, Giancarlo Italy, EFD
Stevenson, Struan UK, ECR
Svensson, Alf Sweden, EPP
Takkula, Hannu Finland, ALDE
Tannock, Charles UK, ECR
Thyssen, Marianne Belgium, EPP
Toia, Patrizia Italy, S&D
Tzavela, Niki Greece, FDG
van de Camp, Wim The Netherlands, EPP
van Dalen, Peter The Netherlands, ECR

To find a list of your local MEPs please click here.

If you are interested in writing to your local MEP please first contact who can provide you with further information and a template covering letter.

The more MEPs who can assist us the greater the possibility for improving awareness at EU level.


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