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Emma Beamish

by on November 15, 2011

Emma Beamish is an Irish International Cricketer who has represented Ireland at the highest level, participating in the 2005 Cricket World Cup in South Africa.

On Tuesday 29th November, Emma Beamish will be 29 years old and to celebrate, she will be speaking at the Discussion on Epilepsy and Sport in the European Parliament in Brussels!

Emma has epilepsy and had her first seizure aged 14. From the age of 17, for seven years, Emma remained seizure free but in 2006 her seizures returned, due to a culmination of stress and tiredness.

Emma has never let epilepsy stop her achieving her goals one of which is cricket. Sport has always played a large part in Emma’s life and she has spoken at length of the commitment and sacrifices it takes to make it to the highest level.

Emma has taken part in a documentary series on her life on Ireland’s National Broadcaster, RTE, which examined how Emma learnt to live with epilepsy. We are delighted that Emma has agreed to participate in our discussion on the 29th November and are certain that she will contribute to a fruitful discussion.

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  1. don permalink

    Go Emma you are a real inspiration to us all!

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